About Me

At Peggy Guggenheim Museum garden, Venice copyI love cards.

I love looking at them in shops, picking out the perfect one to send someone.  I have a stash of cards I love so much that I cannot bear to part with them.  I have been known to mat & frame cards I particularly adore.  And I love getting a card in the mail.  Who does not?

My love affair with cards goes back to my childhood.  My Aunt Marnie had a shop in my hometown on the Eastern Shore of Maryland: the Wayside Gift Shop. She had tons of wonderful cards in her inventory.  Marnie used to let me spend time in her shop.  I loved being there, helping out, and learning the business.

By the time I got to college, art was what I wanted to pursue.  While studying for my degree in art history, I became passionate about photography.  As an introvert, here, at last, was the medium through which I could truly express myself.

I have been making cards for my friends and family for many years.

People kept saying: “You should sell your cards.”

And so, in the Fall of 2009, GLITTERMOON CARDS was born.

Which would you rather receive: another impersonal Email  — or — a hand-written card picked out just for you?